Expedite Ventures Playbook
We're Expedite Ventures. This is our playbook.

Expedite Ventures Playbook

Hello. We are Expedite Ventures.
We are a Business Angel investment club, backed by Europe’s finest tech and product experts to support tech founders hands-on with our know-how. We expedite their companies to become profitable and/or VC-ready.
We solely expedite digital companies in the software space. We particularly aim to support notoriously underrepresented groups such as first-time tech founders as well as women and immigrants.
We are entrepreneurs ourselves who believe in young talent, radical transparency and the transformative power of technology.
We're not interested in accelerating further the current superstar economy of serial founders.
This is our playbook. It details who we are, who we work with and who we believe and invest in.
This book is an abbreviated encapsulation of our guiding principles and values. As we continue to grow, we hope that these principles will serve each new Angel joining our club and every founder we potentially invest in.
So if you are new to Expedite, welcome. Although the goals in this book are important, it’s the ideas, talent, network and energy of our Angels that will keep Expedite shining in the years ahead. Let’s help others building great things.
This book is a living document that every one of our Angels can edit in a private GitHub repo. We publish the latest version transparently on our website: https://expedite.ventures

Who we are

Expedite is an exclusive network of Business Angels - we call them Angels - who are nerds at heart and have a deep tech and product knowledge who want to help upcoming entrepreneurs to embark on their journey.
In the end, we’re not only an investment club, but a well-connected, influential CTO/CPO network, giving the tech community in Europe a strong voice, which we find currently missing.
We are very picky. We reserve Angel membership for experienced entrepreneurs who know what it means to be in the front-line and make decisions every day. Each one of us is willing and able to spend their time giving back to the community, share their success recipes, mentor our investments, open their personal network — and share our values.
We value time over money. Instead of being a Super-Angel with hundreds of investments, we rather pick and choose where we see we can help the most.
We also feel like there are enough Angels out there to help you with the financial aspects of your venture: we intend be an important addition to the already existing ecosystem of business school-based angels to support people who maybe wouldn't be heard otherwise.
In the end, we are makers, not managers. And we frankly agree with Ferdinand Piëch: „Techniker können genauso gut rechnen wie Kaufleute. Und sie beherrschen die Technik. Umgekehrt geht das nicht.“.
Each of our members is strictly expected to take the role of a permanent mentor and contact person at Expedite for at least one of our ventures, making it „HER“ venture. Every mentoring Angel gets an additional amount of shares in her venture to reward the effort of helping with their experience. Furthermore, we expect each member to agree to collectively and equally invest money in the companies that we all decide to back.
We also invest into the community — both amongst the Angels themselves and our ventures — but also for the tech community in general. We aim to create meaningful events instead of random networking where people connect and learn. We do truly open pitch sessions and are always approachable. Just come and talk to us. We‘d love to get to know you.
We maintain a newsletter with our latest events and developments where you can subscribe to on our homepage.

Why are we different than the others?

We see the current VC landscape as problematic, favoring second and third time founders while neglecting the necessary mentoring and nurturing to make sure new generations of first time founders can emerge.
Sometimes, great founders or great ideas are overlooked or do not receive the required attention, because they don‘t fit the „right profile", „aren't there yet“ or simply don’t have the right connections.
That‘s where we step in — and help to expedite their ideas.
We favor first-time founders, women and immigrants. We truly think there are way too less women in tech — and we‘d like to contribute to change that.
As many VCs in Europe and Angels are being run by business people, they intrinsically often favor e-commerce and service businesses. We find it problematic that tech founders don‘t get the necessary attention and understanding they deserve, because as we all know: „Software eats the world“. Therefore, our club strictly invests solely in software companies.
Don’t get us wrong: (Smart) VCs are not our enemies but our friends — to help our ventures at later stages. We embrace cooperation with them and nurture our VC relations all the time. We actively work with them and help nurture companies applying at a VC who are not VC-ready yet: so we expedite them and bring them back into the deal flow of the VC world when it‘s the right time — and might keep a joint board seat, help with portfolio management and Tech Due Diligences to collectively help the ventures to grow further.
In the end, we want to truly fulfill the promise many Angels and VCs do (but don‘t keep): We don’t just commit money but we rather behave like a hands-on co-founder — to avoid common pitfalls, may it be on company culture, product, tech, legal setup, or strategic steps.
In a nutshell: we actively help founders and companies on their way to become VC-ready, based on fair terms for both sides. We believe that the VC rule "only one in ten startups succeeds" is not written in stone. With our unique approach, we can help build better and more successful companies by not just committing capital but our know-how.

Who is behind this and who is behind Expedite Ventures?

Expedite Ventures was founded by Ben Kubota and Thomas Witt, who are the managing partners of Expedite Ventures GmbH - a service company to organize the network and all investments. We know each other for more than 25 years and both funded and exited successful tech companies — coming straight from high school without any network and any outside help. Back in our time, we would have wished to have a partner on our side that helped us.
We think it‘s time to give back by investing into building this fine Angel community.
Angel investing unfortunately requires a certain amount of legal paperwork — we like to keep things lean, both for our Angels and our ventures. They should concentrate on the real Angel work and shouldn’t be bothered by boring administrative and legal stuff. We remove the heavy lifting from our Angel investments, for example by providing a solid default legal framework.
We promise that always 100% of the investments of the Angels will go to the companies we collectively co-invest in — we are not a fund and we don‘t charge them any fees, ever. And they shouldn‘t waste their time with legal stuff either.
And we promise to aim for the shortest and fairest investment agreements for our ventures.

Our Investment Principles

We believe in technical founders. Any founder or team that …
  • managed to build a first version of their product and are proud to show it to the world or
  • has the first customers or users or
  • is ideally already generating some revenue
… is our ideal fit. But don't sweat the details — we'd like to meet you. Show us what you are proud of and we will give you honest feedback. We feel obliged to follow the following rules, when making a business decision:
  • We invest in digital product-first companies.
  • We require a strong CTO or CPO as a core founder.
  • We support lean and ideally remote structures.
  • We look for companies with a clear path towards profitability.
  • We believe in open source and community driven projects and will support it, if we see a monetization concept.
  • We prefer SaaS, Dev-, Productivity- and other tools that elevate technologies to create and transform.
  • We are not hype driven, but look for substance to build lasting, profitable companies.
  • We solely back companies in Europe, as we can't keep our promises towards founders in other regions (yet).

What can you expect from us in return?

  • Time and expertise. Your Lead Angel will donate up to 10 hours a month of their time to help you. But only if you want to.
  • We usually invest in the range of €50k (exceptions may apply). We are also happy to help to introduce you to other Business Angels friends we trust if you‘d like to close a bigger angel round in the beginning.
  • We behave like co-founders, not investors. We have a hands-on approach to help whenever needed in the early stage of a start-up, but specialize in tech/product/UX.
  • We provide a unique list of our Angels, experienced experts that the startups can pick from as their mentoring Lead Angel.
  • We provide a kick-start, so you will avoid the pitfalls that we had to go through.
  • We help building profitable businesses.
  • Our broad network connects you to the right experienced CTOs and founders for hands-on short-cuts to solve your daily business problems.
  • You have access to each of our members, you choose who supports you, not us (as long as it‘s mutual).
  • We guarantee and structure an active communication with you, as often as you need and not more than you want.
  • We help you to get VC ready and help you with all the intros you need.
  • We provide a lean and founder-friendly legal setup for our investment.

How to pitch

When you decide to pitch us, keep in mind that all of us share the desire to help — but we‘re busy people. That‘s what you can expect — and what we expect from you:
  • We are non-elitist, nerdy and approachable. Our door is open to everyone, but be sure to use our time wisely. You should come prepared as best as you can.
  • We promise you to answer you as soon as possible with a realistic timeline, when you can expect further feedback on your submission.
  • Your slide deck should be short. We like Guy Kawasaki‘s 10 Slides Template.
  • We strongly prefer your pitch deck as PDF, sent via e-mail.
  • What we even like more than pitch decks are product demos. It doesn‘t matter how raw your prototype might be — we can’t wait to see it and understand how it‘s built.
  • We will only invest in people we like (and who like us).
  • We leave pure business and marketing support to other angels or VCs. We do not aim to be experts in other fields but tech, product, culture and common sense. But we‘re happy to connect you with those who specialize in that.
If you‘re not yet pitch-ready and don't have a deck or a demo, don‘t worry. You can always talk to us at one of our community events and share your ideas. Prepare to be challenged.
We promise to always give clear and honest reasons, if we decide not to support your company. That's the least we can do and the least you deserve.
For every investment, a GmbH & Co. KG will be established ("Expedite Ventures Co-Invest hexNumber GmbH & Co KG") with the Expedite Ventures GmbH as Complementary (vollhaftender Komplementär) and all investing Angels as Limited Partners ("Kommanditist"):
  • We are not a fund or an institutional investor. We are a club of likeminded individuals who come to unanimous decisions about an investment.
  • This makes sure the Angels have NO liability other than their investment.
  • The Expedite Ventures GmbH and the Managing Angels will perform all the required management and bookkeeping duties of the investment. All management fees will be born by the GmbH so that all of the Angel investments go into the venture.
  • The Angel who has been mutually selected will be responsible Lead Angel to support the venture will get an extra 10% of the whole investment sum for her efforts and opening up her network — no matter of how much the angel invested pro rata.
  • We prefer to invest via a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE). Our standard SAFE note is a short, founder-friendly and fair investment convertible note agreement with an agreed capped share price (Cap), a conversion price (discount) and an overall investment sum. If there's already an existing convertible note agreement, we might double check that and hop on that as well.
  • The decided investment sum will be equally divided amongst all angels pro rata how much the angel decided in the beginning to invest overall.
    • For example, if we invest €20k into a venture, two angels committed €50k each and one €100k each, the first two will invest €5k and the latter one €10k in this particular venture.
    • Please note that pro rata is the default case. If all angels agree unanimously, the share distribution can be shifted.
We are supported on the Angel side by the fine lawyers around Dr. Peter & Janina Möllmann at PXR Legal, who have decades of experience. We‘re proud to work together with them in setting up the legal and tax structures for our co-investments amongst the Angels.
We also maintain a great relationship with a lawyer who intentionally doesn‘t work for us but solely for our ventures in case they need legal help: Christian Musfeldt. We recommend to work with him as he has tons of experience and is very founder-friendly. He also set up our standard SAFE note investment agreements.

Investment procedure decisions

All investment decisions will be prepared with a due diligence including numerous talks between the Managing Angels and the founders of our potential venture. We might also include an Angel which might become their mentoring Lead Angel later if we see fit and everybody's comfortable with it.
  • Ideally we've already received a pitch deck from the venture before. We'll collect all the information in our Google in the "Investments and Angels" shared drive.
  • In a first intro, we'll learn about the potential venture by getting an overview of the company, the team, product, underlying technology, financials and current funding. If there's a product MVP already, we'd like to see a short demo highlighting key functionality and technologies. We discuss our unique venture approach, outline our process and give a rough timeline estimate.
  • Of course, we'll stop the process anytime we realize that a potential venture is in direct competition with another venture we've invested in.
  • In our preliminary due diligence, we'd like to see and understand:
    • Your roadmap and product vision
      • What’s unique about this product?
      • What big benefit does the product provide?
      • What pain does the product alleviate?
      • Who currently buys this product?
      • Who do you want to buy this product?
      • What do customers love about your product?
    • P&L's, Cashflow
    • Overview of all current employees if any
    • Current customer list with name and monthly revenue
    • Any vendors or partners a venture works with (e.g. AWS)
    • Ownership of intellectual property and trademarks
  • In a next call, we'd like to understand the technology behind the product better, get technical access e.g. to the Git repos, bug trackers, AWS accounts, etc., to perform a technical Due Diligence code and architecture review regarding code quality, development practices, license compliance, etc., We usually want the lead engineer to walk us through the code as well.
  • We might have a few more calls to clarify our questions. In an ideal world if location allows, we (Managing Angels or at least an Angel) will also have a dinner with the founders to get to know each other personally.
  • Next we'll finalize the financial terms of the deal. We describe our standard SAFE agreement (or may use a similar convertible note or share agreement in case we're not the first investors) and investment procedure, lay out our proposed deal terms and investment size and try to find common ground. This will result in a standard term sheet.
  • If we find we've learned enough to make an informed decision and the founders agreed that we should proceed, the Managing Angels will prepare a two-pager investment proposal memo and the term sheet. We try to put objectivity into the decision by creating an investment matrix (public criteria).
  • The investment memo, a term sheet and the slide deck of the company will be circulated to all Angels.
  • Once the information has been sent, a decision is to be made within one week. During this period the Managing Angels are happy to answer any question and also set up a group call with the founders if desired where every interested Angel is invited to be part of.
  • Each Angel is invited to cast their vote within that week.
  • Each non-voting Angel will be counted as a YES vote.
  • Abstaining votes are not desired. A clear yes or no is strongly preferred.
  • A no vote needs a written reason (or explained in a group call).
  • All our investment votes are unanimous, because we believe in the swarm intelligence of our club.
    • If one angel decides against the investment proposal, we will reconsider the investment and start a discussion within the club why the Angel would vote against that venture.
    • If we find common ground, we will invest, if not, we might refrain from investing. In that case, the investment is open to each member.
    • In very rare cases the group might unanimously decide that all Angels except the NO-voters invest, but that should be the exception as we'll try to find a decision together.
  • If it has been decided, that an investment should be done collectively, it's the responsibility of the Managing Angels to prepare the required paperwork and legal documents for the investment.
  • The founder receives the term sheet and signs it.
  • Afterwards - like for every investment — a GmbH & Co. KG will be established ("Expedite Ventures Co-Invest X GmbH & Co KG") with the Expedite Ventures GmbH as Complementary (vollhaftender Komplementär) and all investing Angels as Limited Partners ("Kommanditist").
  • All Angels who are active at the closing of the deal will participate and commit the investment sum within five working days after an unanimous decision has been made.
  • After establishment of the Co-Invest GmbH & KG in the German Handelsregister, the payout to the venture will be made and the journey begins.
  • Each investments will be led by a responsible Lead Angel, whereas the Managing Angels will proactively check back every month or two to make sure everything runs smooth.
  • By default we're only doing one time investments with no follow-ups. But we reserve the right for anti-dilution whenever capital increases. The group or parts of the group might decide on a case-by-case basis to take part in a capital increase.
When it comes to who is mentoring whom as a Lead Angel, ultimately the team decides with whom they want to work with. We will support that decision by looking at two factors. One is the local proximity and the other is the core expertise required for the team that wants to be mentored.

Becoming an Expedite Angel

Expedite is not a fund, we're an investment club of likeminded people doing investment decisions together. As much as we are generally open to adding new members and try to increase diversity over time, we’re picky who joins our club.
We’re adding new Angels upon three principles: 1. Did the Angel approach us with a personal recommendation of an existing angel? 2. Does the individual match all of the criteria listed in the manifesto? 3. Does the individual represent an area of expertise or diversity that we are either lacking right now or that we have more demand for?
Our Angels definitely don‘t need any Angel investment background when joining us. Quite the opposite, we‘re focused on allowing access to angel investments for tech-minded people that traditionally are less exposed to this scene.
As an Angel, you don‘t have to have already successfully exited a company. Don‘t be afraid of having a day job and doing this on the side — as long as you‘re able to commit the required time. We love people who‘re actively solving day-to-day problems in their own start-up but believe in the power of learning from each other and sharing the know-how.
For our ideal Angel, the majority of the following statements need to be true:
  • Has actively worked in a startup from the early days and with team sizes smaller than 100 in the last 5 years
  • Being at the forefront of their respective field (technology, product or design) and willing and able to keep up with latest trends without jumping on them just for the sake of it
  • Has careful and empathetic listening skills
  • Is able to give concrete and specific advice vs. abstract and general advice
  • Is able and willing to proactively keep an ongoing conversation
  • Is capable of giving constructive feedback, the ability to differentiate between what needs to be said and what helps the founder or company, without empty phrases
  • Is more invested in building and evolving the brand of the founder/company than his/her own personal brand
  • Ability for brutal honesty in a respectful and constructive way, no "everything is awesome" person that avoids (or even thinks of) potential ways to optimize the status-quo
  • Being able to talk on eye-to-eye level with anyone, no matter where they are in their journey. No condescending language or talking for the sake of it. Actual information needs to be in the centre of it.
  • Behaves predictable and is a reliable person

Angel Application Procedure

  • All existing Angels can propose a new Angel anytime (or we might actively pick a candidate)
  • Ben and Thomas will have engage with the potential new Angel and go over in depth of all our principles and make sure they understand and commit to it. We have the first say in either adding or rejecting an application. There will be a reason and explanation for each rejection.
  • If we see fit, we will propose the new Angel to the existing Angels via a memo, including quoting a short introduction by the Angel him/herself answering the questions "Who am I", "What do I do", "Why I bring value to this community", "What you can expect from me" and "What do I expect from you"
  • The potential Angel will be involved in an investment opportunity to see how she fits in, gives feedback, communicates and is a good fit for the spirit of our group.
  • During the next 30 days, every Angel is invited to give feedback. The candidate will be accepted if no Angel casts a veto (which requires a written decision).
    • If there's no Veto, the angel gets accepted
  • The new angel signs the charter and a notarized power of attorney for the legal establishment of further investment KGs without the requirement for notarization each time.
  • As soon as the new Angel is on board, she is eligible to take part on all investments of the club pro rata to the maximum amount of capital she is willing to invest on which she decided upon joining. That means the share of new investments for all other angel waters down and gives us the possibility to do more investments at the same time, so everybody will profit.
Afterwards the applicant becomes an active Angel and will be onboarded:
  • The new angel gets access to all the internal data
  • The new angel commits to have a 1:1 introductory phone call with every other angel in the network. The Managing Angels will make sure that the call takes place.

Regular Angel meetings

We're doing a Google Meet conference call every second Friday for at least an hour for a general discussion of the current status of active and pending investments, for votings and of course for general socializing and know-how sharing. We're doing a written protocol for each call. If you're tight on schedule, the first Friday of the month is a must-go for every Angel.
Every other Friday when no call takes place, there can be a newsletter to all angels — everybody can and should supply news to the newsletter, deadline is every Friday 1700 - expect the newsletter at around 1800.

Becoming a passive Angel

You can step down as an active Angel to be a passive Angel for personal or workload reasons e.g., if your own start-up requires more attention for a while. However, this move should only be used a limited time. 1. You can step down as an active Angel once without valid reason during your membership. 2. Additional step downs require a valid reason in writing, evaluated by the Managing Angels. 3. If you step down without a valid reason or are not able to perform your mentoring duties as Lead Angel or violate the promises we give to founders in any other way, you will loose the opportunity for further co-investments. 4. While you‘re a passive Angel, you can further co-invest but you are not required to active mentoring. We do expect you to return to an active role within reasonable time. That is most likely decided on a case-by-case basis. We know that life happens, but we also have a commitment to the network and our investments.

Becoming an Angel Alumni

Sometimes things don't go as planned, expectations were different or might change as well as general circumstances of life.
First of all, any Angel can decide to leave our club for whatever reasons anytime. No hard feelings — we should be only working together as long as everybody sees fit. If you decide to leave, of course you'll keep all your investments you've made so far — only the new investments won't involve you anymore.
If you're currently mentoring a start-up as Lead Angel, we believe in common sense that you'll pass on your promise to the founders responsibly to another Angel - and also find a way together with us to make a fair share with your extra equity you might have gotten.
Other than an Angel leaving the club proactively by themselves, there might be the possibility that the rest of the club doesn't see fit anymore.
As much as we value having fun together, we understand ourselves as a professional pro team with a huge set of values described in this document, such as loyalty and honesty. If we see that a member of our club can't live up to those values, we might have to part ways.
There are two ways to do that:
  • Any Angel can always request a review. The managing angels will try to sit together with everybody involved and solve the potential problems in a reasonable way. If worst comes to worst, any Angel can call for a vote. If more than 50% (Managing Angels have the quorum if required) of all Angels decide against the Angels in question, she will be excluded from the club.
  • The Managing Angels can always initiate the process of excluding an Angel from the club. There will be a written explanation provided to the whole club and every Angel can express opinions in a period of 14 days for reconsideration. The Managing Angels group may or may not take those opinions into consideration but will ultimately have the last say when it comes to exclude a member from the club. We hope that we will never have to exercise this right.

Our values

We believe that software technology will and can change the world and support people with the same belief. We believe that there are already enough people supporting themselves on the business side in their networks, so it's time to give the tech community a clear and loud voice. That's what we aim for.
We especially but not exclusively support first-time founders, women and immigrants. We try to help them on every step on their way to becoming successful.
Ultimately, if they become successful, our own investments become successful as well. And as we invest equally distributed, we believe that most of our investments will flourish, as always one of the Angels will nurture them in the interest of the whole club.
That leads to the principle that we only like to work with people we like, both on the Angel side as well on the venture side. Same applies to partners.
We truly believe in the community approach, so we try to promote any type of community event which fits and aligns to the ideas of our club to the best we can.
We really dislike politics. We believe in honesty, loyalty, radical transparency, directness and open communications/feedback. By being open about as many things as possible and making information public, we can reduce the threshold to get in touch with us and make collaboration easier.
It won't work without collaboration, kindness and sharing — it's impossible to know everything. And we don't forget to say thank you as well as saying sorry. We discourage ego, but help others not to fail and rather enjoy other succeed.
For everybody we're involved with, we're — and that should go without saying — clear Anti Harassment and Discrimination policy against everybody — we believe in diversity. No matter the method of communication, it is expected that everyone will contribute to an inclusive and collaborative working environment and respect each other at all times. No form of sexual harassment, discrimination regarding Age, Disabilities, Race, Religious beliefs or Sexual orientation will be tolerated at anytime and will lead ultimately to a termination of this relationship (at all cost).

Angel Charta

Our Expedite Investment Club is a group of tight-knit experienced individuals called Angels who are aiming to do individual Angel investment into young tech ventures. We invest together our capital and our know-how.
  • All Angels commit to the principles laid out in this playbook, especially our common set of values and community goals.
  • All Angels commit to treat each other as part of the family — so they commit to help, support and network with the other Angels in the best way possible and make an introductory call or meeting with each of the other Angels upon joining.
  • All Angels commit that any opportunity in the scope of our Club will be forwarded to the Managing Angels of Expedite first in order to evaluate the potential venture and prepare an investment proposal. So every Angel has to offer all investment possibilities in scope to the club first.
  • All Angels commit to represent our club to other as much as they can and try to get new deal flow opportunities through networking whenever possible. Don't ask what the club can do for you, ask what you can do for the club.
  • All Angels commit to take part on our community networking (Angel Dinners, Pitch Sessions, …) opportunities as often as possible.
  • All Angels decide upon joining how much capital they are willing to commit for investments during their membership. The investment range for each Angel is currently €20k-€100k.
  • All Angels commit to mentor at least one of our investments actively and commit up to 10 hours a month of their time and get a share premium in return for their mentoring as Lead Angel. But only as much as necessary. With the right people in the same room, a few hours can leap a team forward for weeks, month or even years. So this is more a general rule of thumb.
  • All Angels commit to proactively check in at least once a week on the investments they mentor.
  • All Angels commit to a "One head one vote" policy when it comes to voting. The Managing Angels have a deciding vote in case of a 50/50 voting situation. We all agree that we try to avoid hard votes and make decisions unanimously together.
  • All Angels commit to put down electronic notes in a Google Doc in the corresponding Investments Folder after each relevant interaction with a venture to give everybody a transparent overview anytime.
  • All Angels commit to notarize the required power of attorneys together with the Managing Angels upon joining so that the Managing Angels can represent the investments into existing ventures (performed via a GmbH & Co KG) legally and are authorized to sign legally binding contracts/documents. Important decisions will always be backed by a vote of all investors.

Community Goals

One of our main topics is supporting the community, especially through events, get togethers, meet-ups, etc. Our goals are:
  • Enrichen the existing start-up community towards first-time founders by providing open and inclusive high quality get-togethers with the opportunity to meet like-minded people and us as potential investors including our Angels.
  • Giving the regular opportunity for true open pitch sessions for start-ups
  • Organizing inspiring speakers (=real founders with real hands-on experience) to hold interesting, inspiring talks at our events
  • Supporting tech-related meet-ups (JS, Cloud, …) with organization/help/rooms/speakers/sponsoring/help/…
    • Special opportunistic focus on once-successful now-COVID-abandoned-meetups or where an organizer can't afford have the time anymore.
  • Organizing week/weekend-founder-bootcamps for companies we're invested in as well as outsiders and our angel network with a common learning agenda and schedule.
  • Maintaining and nurturing the exclusive club between our angels by offering regular curated meet-ups/dinners/… (potentially before/after an open community event).
  • Support and organize events for women and immigrants in tech in any way we can.
    In addition, we'll build a meaningful, no-spammy mailing list newsletter where we inform people regularly about our events and what's happening at our VC plus some interesting news from the community. We aim for a mailing every 4 weeks.

Female Founder Support

We believe that there are not enough women in tech. Therefore, one of our goals is support female founders and the female tech community as much as we can. We admit that we can't magically materialize more female engineers who are simply not there, but we try to support the ones who exist and encourage them to start their own company or develop into that direction.
  • We strive to have as many female angels as possible to support the community and get us a better understanding of their needs.
  • We support community initiatives like Rails Girls, Girls Who Code, Girls Develop It, etc., with mentoring, manpower, locations, support, marketing-awareness, etc.
  • We try to raise the awareness for women in the community.
  • We always offer our mentoring help — regardless whether we invest or not — to any women who is involved in the tech community.
  • We try to get female speakers for our events as often as we can.
  • We deeply despise any sexism, racism and condescending talk against women in tech and stand up against it.


  • Do you invest in x, y, z, …?
    • If you convince us, that we should — we will. It's not about following market trends, it's about seeing a potential that others don't.
  • I can't spend much time, but would like to participate financially?
    • We believe that time is as, if not more, important than money when it comes to helping teams. We appreciate financial support, you can put yourself on the waiting list for our limited partners. To be a mentor, you must be able to invest the time necessary to fulfill your duty as exactly that — being a mentor.
This document is © 2020 Expedite Ventures GmbH.
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